7 Day Visitor Transport Card

Connectabus provides bus services for the major Queenstown hotels

Arrowtown, Airport, Amisfield Winery, Remarkables Park Shopping Centre, go anywhere anytime with the 7 Day Visitor Discount Card.

Visiting Queenstown, for a few days or a few months, take advantage of the $47* adult, child $30 7 Day Visitor Dscount Card. This card lets you use any of the buses on the Queenstown network as much as you like at any time.

This is a great way to get out to Arrowtown and enjoy the cafes and walks. On the way you can stop for lunch at the picturesque Amisfield Winery.

Need to do a bit of serious shopping, jump on the bus from your hotel and head out to the Remarkables Park Shopping Centre or how about brunch at the Hilton at Kawarau Falls, a new Queenstown icon.

Ask any Ritchies Connectabus driver about the 7 Day Visitor Transport Card or enquire at our kiosk outside O'Connells Pavilion on Camp St (look for the MacDonalds sign).

*There is a one-off $5 charge to load the 7 Day package onto our smartcard. Does not include Wanaka service.

7 Day Pass FAQs

1. Does the bus stop at domestic & international terminals?
There is only one terminal at Queenstown Airport for all flights, buses stop every 15 minutes outside the terminal.

2. Can I get a student discount on a 7 Day Pass?
No, the 7 day pass is already discounted.

3. Where can I get a 7 Day Pass?
You can purchase a 7 Day Pass from your coach drivers or at our Camp St kiosk.

4. If I use the 7 Day Pass for only 6 days can I get reimbursed or use the remaining day some other time?
No, the pass has a valid use period of 7 consecutive days, how you use it during that period is up to you.

5. Can I spread my 7 days of travel over a longer period that adds up to 7 days of use?
No, the use period is for 7 consecutive days only

6. I see that your company also goes to Wanaka, Milford Sound and runs the Double Decker, can I use my 7 Day Pass on these trips?
No, the 7 Day Pass is only valid for use on the regular Ritchies Connectabus routes, this does not include Wanaka or our Milford Sound trip. You can travel to Arrowtown on this pass using the regular Ritchies Connectabus service.