Go Card Information

GoCard Information

Go Card Queenstowns discount bus card

GoCard makes travelling by Ritchies Connectabus even easier. It’s the only ticket you need to travel on the Ritchies Connectabus services. Nothing could be simpler.

GoCard is the easy way to travel on Ritchies Connectabus
The GoCard does the thinking for you. No need to worry about having the right change. With a topped up GoCard the ticketing machine will automatically deduct the correct fare and print a receipt.

Easy Transfer with GoCard

You can use your GoCard on all Ritchies Connectabus services, it couldn’t be easier to transfer from one Connectabus service to another.

GoCard keeps track of your spending

To check your remaining balance either check your last travel receipt or simply put your card on the ticketing machine and your balance will be displayed automatically.

GoCard Issue

There is a $5 issue fee which is a one off payment at the time you get your GoCard. For detailed terms and conditions of use please refer to Otago Regional Council's website ‘www.orc.govt.nz

Go Card Faqs

1. Does the bus stop at domestic & international terminals?
There is only one terminal at Queenstown Airport for all flights, bus stops every 15 minutes outside the terminal.

2. To qualify for a student fare what ID do I need to show the driver?
If you are a student you need to purchase a GoCard which you load money onto and then show your student ID card to the driver. GoCard Discount: Infant 0 - 5 years, Child 5- 15 years or with relevant High School ID Card.

3. Where can I get a GoCard?
You can purchase and top up a GoCard from your coach drivers or at our Camp St kiosk.

4. If I use the Connectabus with my GoCard will I receive a discount?
There is a 10% discount of the standard Adult and Child cash fares.
GoCard also gives access to a number of other concessions such as time passes and free off-peak travel for SuperGold Card Holders.

5. When travelling further than one trip will I need to transfer coaches?
A transfer is issued whenever you are required to pass through a hub (either Frankton Hub or the Queenstown Hub). On boarding the bus you will receive transfer tickets to complete your journey when you change bus.

6. As a SuperGold Card holder do I need to show the bus driver any identification?
In the Otago Region, SuperGold Card holders need to show their SuperGold Card and a GoCard to get free off-peak travel. Please note the driver may ask for some form of identification.