Super Gold Card FREE bus travel in Queenstown

Queenstown senior citizens who have a Super Gold Card can travel free on the Ritchies Connectabus services during off peak hours, this includes weekends and public holidays.

WHO provides these services in Queenstown?

Ritchies Connectabus provides FREE off-peak transport or New Zealand senior citizens with a Super Gold Card.

WHEN can I travel for free?

Free travel is only during the o-peak hours, these hours are from 9am – 3pm during the day and 6.30pm onwards in the evenings. Super Gold card holders are eligible to travel free during these times on all our local Queenstown Ritchies Connectabus services. AND at any time in weekend or on public holidays.

WHAT do I need to travel for free?

1. A Super Gold Card
You can I get a SuperGold Card by contacting the SuperGold Card Centre on 0800 25 45 65, e-mail or download a copy of an application from You can also apply for a card at the Work and Income service centre at Remarkables Park.
2. A Ritchies Connectabus GoCard
The FREE bus services require the initial one-off purchase of a Ritchies Connectabus / Otago Regional Council GoCard for $5.00 either from the Ritchies Connectabus driver or our Camp St kiosk. This is a government requirement to track Super Gold Card use.

AND what else will the bus driver require from me?

Just where you are travelling to - this is to record the correct fare for the operator's reimbursement entitlement and to help monitor the use of services by Super Gold Card holders.

WHERE do I find a bus timetable?

There will be a bus timetable at the bus stop. You can get a pocket sized bus timetable from your bus driver, or go to our website Note the times on the website are for when the bus commences its run on your route, so add the appropriate amount of time for it to reach your stop.

Does a bus driver/conductor have to accept all SuperGold Cards?
Yes, but if they have good cause to suspect misuse of a SuperGold Card they may request a second ID. Fraudulent use of a SuperGold Card will be reported to the Ministry of Social Development for investigation.

Is free travel also available for long distance travel?
The scheme does not include inter-regional or Inter-city travel. For information on eligible services in other regions see:

Does this scheme apply to Total Mobility?
No. The SuperGold Card concessions target scheduled off-peak public transport services only.

Do international pensioners receive this concession?
No. This policy is only for New Zealand residents who hold a SuperGold Card.

Are SuperGold Card holders entitiled to free off- peak travel in other regions?
Card holders will be entitled to free off-peak travel on participating public transport services within other regions, however you will need the appropriate smartcard, the GoCard used in Queenstown is only usable in Dunedin.

Will there be any differences in the free services offered from region to region?
Yes. Regions already have different existing public transport services, including the modes, frequency of services, and area coverage. There will also be differences in availability, particularly between urban and rural areas. For detailed information on the free services available in a particular area, contact the local council or regional council.

Who is funding the free off peak travel?
The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is the lead government agency for this project, with support from the Ministry of Transport (MoT) and the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). In Dunedin the Otago Regional Council is responsible for delivering the services. NZTA is allocating funding for the services.