Queenstown Bus Advertising

Advertising on a Ritchies Connectabus is about getting your message the maximum exposure possible.

Ritchies Connectabus could be considered Queenstowns highest profile business, our buses are everywhere, from Arrowtown to the Airport, Wanaka to the Hilton.

We are the default transport connection for most of the major hotels including the new Queenstown Hilton. We also run regular services to and from the airport, to Arrowtown, Cromwell and Wanaka.

Queenstown music in the park

Everyone in Queenstown sees our buses and the biggest users of our buses are visitors. In fact you could say we have the largest captive audience of visitors in Queenstown.

Ritchies Connectabus offers a range of advertising packages for businesses of all sizes.

We offer advertising on the rear of the buses, in-bus onscreen advertising, in-bus brochure racks and timetable advertising in the form of tear off coupons. Get in front of the Queenstown crowds, call us today.

For more information please contact.

64 3 441 4471

Connectabus Queenstown rear bus advertising

Connectabus screen advertsing featuring 30sec movie/slideshow

Advertsing slideshow on a Queenstown Connectabus

Connectabus driver advises new visitor to Queenstown

Connectabus driver advises new visitor to Queenstown

Brochure rack on Connectabus in Queenstown

Brochure rack on Ritchies Connectabus in Queenstown