Route 12 - Quail Rise / Lakes Hayes Estate

from Frankton
to Lake Hayes Estate - Shotover Country
* 9:35am
* 12:05pm
* 2.05pm
* 4:20pm
* 6:05pm

* 8:35pm

11.10pm departs Qt 11.00pm

from Lake Hayes Estate - Shotover Country
to Frankton
* 11:20am
* 1:50pm
* 2:50pm

Shotover Country is Hail & Ride allow 5 minutes either side of Lake Hayes Estate times

* Serviced by Route 10

from Quail Rise
to Frankton
* 7:40am
* 8:10am
* 2.05pm
* 4:10pm
* 510pm

* To Frankton via Lake Hayes Estate

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